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Vol. 7 Issue 10

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OCT 01, 2020

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OCT 10, 2020

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OCT 25, 2020

Final MenuScript Due:
OCT 30, 2020

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OCT 30, 2020
                         Notice Board: Call for PaperVol. 7 Issue 10      Submission Start Date: OCT 01, 2020      Acceptence Notification Start: OCT 10, 2020      Submission End: OCT 25, 2020      Final MenuScript Due: OCT 30, 2020      Publication Date: OCT 30, 2020

Volume VII Issue II

Author Name
Hina Rajwanshi, Sushma Kushwaha
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Volume and Issue
Volume 7 Issue 2
The user requests for service which may include, request for storing the data at cloud datacenter, processing of some useful information and to run application (software) at cloud. The request is passed to the cloud controller policy from the broker through the web browser provide as interface. The requested user communicates to the broker of the service provider through Internet. Broker sends the task (cloudlet) to the cloud controller. The virtual machine manager of cloud controller will create the list of virtual machines according to individual user request specification. Each VM has different description and different task to execute.This work focuses on designing an Energy Efficient Dynamic Virtual Machine Consolidation algorithm. To balance the load among the cloud data centre, when large number of requests arrive at cloud data centre some of the hosts get overloaded therefore we need to transfer the virtual machine of the overloaded host to the light weighted host using virtual