Notice Board :

Call for Paper
Vol. 11 Issue 4

Submission Start Date:
April 01, 2024

Acceptence Notification Start:
April 10, 2024

Submission End:
April 20, 2024

Final MenuScript Due:
April 28, 2024

Publication Date:
April 30, 2024
                         Notice Board: Call for PaperVol. 11 Issue 4      Submission Start Date: April 01, 2024      Acceptence Notification Start: April 10, 2024      Submission End: April 20, 2024      Final MenuScript Due: April 28, 2024      Publication Date: April 30, 2024

Author Guidelines

All manuscripts should be submitted electronically via the online submission form. Please do not send a print copy of your submission. You can download paper template.

Guidelines for submitting abstract/Paper/Case Study
•   All abstract/Paper/Case Study is to be submitted in soft copy only.
•   Manuscripts should be neatly typed Times New Roman font using a font size of 10 (MS Word /.doc format)
•   The language of the Journal is English. SI units should be used wherever possible. Other units, if used, should be given only in parentheses preceded by SI units.
•   Mathematical symbols should be typed and care should be taken to differentiate between similar characters (e.g. 1 and I), upper and lower case letters and superscripts and subscripts.
•   Margins : Top 1.0 Bottom 1.0 Left 1.0 Right 1.0
   Orientation : Portrait
   Font : Times New Roman / 10 pt
   Title of paper : Times New Roman / 18 pt
   Heading : 12 pt (Bold)
   Sub-heading : 10 Pt (Bold)
•   Body of the paper should be well organized into logical sections, sequentially numbered with all the sub-headings. The preferred order of contents should be as follows : Title of the paper, Author (s) name (s), affiliation(s) and Corresponding Author (s) Email address, Abstract of the paper in not more than 200 words along with 4 to 5 keywords, covering the objectives of the work, methods used, results obtained and conclusions reached , Acknowledgment , References & Appendices.

The style of the manuscript should confirm to currently acceptable usage in matters of grammar and syntax.

Original Articles should include a structured abstract of no more than 250 words, no more than 7 tables and figures, and no more than 60 references.

Abbreviations and Units
Abbreviations that are accepted and recognized as common scientific terminology may be used without definition. All nonstandard abbreviations should be defined at that point in the text where they first appear.

Graphs, diagrams, chromatograms, photos, etc. should be prepared as clear, black and white / color, original positives, suitable for reproduction. All figures should be embedded within the manuscript and must be captioned and numbered sequentially.

Tables and Equations
Tables and equations should not be submitted in a format exceeding the A4 page size (in portrait form). All tables should be embedded within the manuscript and must be captioned and numbered sequentially.

All references should be cited at the end of the paper and listed consecutively as they appear in the text. References should be listed in the text by number in parentheses, for example [1] or [1–5].

For paper format download the template from the given below links.

Click here to download Manuscript Template.doc
Click here to download Manuscript Template.pdf

Review Process

Submissions are accepted for review with the understanding that the same work has been neither submitted to, nor published in, another publication. Simultaneous submission to other publications will result in immediate rejection of the paper. Papers are not within the journal scope will be rejected immediately after the pre review process.

All manuscripts will be subject to a well established, fair, unbiased peer review and refereeing procedure, and are considered on the basis of their significance, novelty and usefulness to the Journals readership. The reviewing structure will always ensure the anonymity of the referees & it will be reviewed by 3 experts in the field. The review output will be one of the following:
2.Accept with minor changes
3. Weak Accept with major changes
4. Reject
The review process may take approximately one-two weeks to be completed. The Editor reserves the right to reject or accept a paper.