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Call for Paper
Vol. 11 Issue 4

Submission Start Date:
April 01, 2024

Acceptence Notification Start:
April 10, 2024

Submission End:
April 20, 2024

Final MenuScript Due:
April 28, 2024

Publication Date:
April 30, 2024
                         Notice Board: Call for PaperVol. 11 Issue 4      Submission Start Date: April 01, 2024      Acceptence Notification Start: April 10, 2024      Submission End: April 20, 2024      Final MenuScript Due: April 28, 2024      Publication Date: April 30, 2024

Volume X Issue IV

Author Name
Rizwana Parveen, Dr. Harsh Lohiya
Year Of Publication
Volume and Issue
Volume 10 Issue 4
In recent years, the use of credit cards around the world has grown enormously. On-line transaction and e-commerce growing day by day with using of internet. Thus, the numbers of fraud cases have also increased, resulting in losses of thousands of dollars and rupees and other currency in worldwide. Therefore, securing all transactions using a payment card has become one of their top priorities. Credit card fraud comes from obtaining a physical card, or from using information of a cardholder like his credit card number, card verification code (CVC) or the expiration date. In this paper we present the feed forward neural network classifier for the Credit card fraud detection and improved the accuracy rate over the previous approach. In this paper we review multiple classification and machine learning techniques for prevention of such types of fraud also compare different authors works basis of their techniques, performance parameters and publication details.